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Metro BCA
Builders & Remodelers Association of Northern NJ
Builders League of South Jersey


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Code or Ethics & Membership Agreement

CODE OF ETHICS: Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey, Inc. members believe and affirm that: home ownership should be affordable to every American family; every consumer is entitled to construction in accordance with generally accepted practices of the industry, whether of a residential, commercial, or industrial nature; and all development should be well designed to be in harmony with sound, environmental and community planning. To achieve these goals, we shall adhere to the following principles and practices: honesty, integrity and fair business practices are my guiding business policy; concern for the environment shall be built into all development and related services; providing quality construction, products and services consistent with the standards required by the Association and at reasonable cost to the consumer through encouragement of research and development of new construction materials, build-ing techniques and products; We will, to the best of our ability, support all the programs, policies and activities of local, state and national associations.

I and/or my company undertake these responsibilities mindful that they are part of my obligation as a member of the Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey, Inc. I acknowledge that by joining the Association, I am also a member of the New Jersey Builders Association (NJBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). If the company’s membership in the Association becomes inactive or is terminated for any reason, I agree to immediately discontinue use of any and all Association logos and insignias, as well as that of NJBA and NAHB.

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